JailerPro will electronically track supervision rounds by wearing a smart device. The system is designed to record every time the officer passes a sensor beacon. The officers ID, the time stamp, duration and location are captured in real time. The data can be reviewed and reported thru web services at any time.

Facility Mapping:

We have the ability to map your facility to better understand how we can help increase workflow and productivity and proper placement of sensor beacons.  Mapping may also enhance the safety of your facility, inmate population and officers.

This HIPAA Privacy Rule Compliant system will allow authorized medical personnel to check, track and administer all patient medications in a timely manner.  The system tracks staff administering medications, time stamp and fingerprint of inmate verifying that the medication was administered.

Inmate Medical History:

The system will also allow authorized medical staff access to medical history on an inmate that has been entered in the system from a prior incarceration or another facility using JailerPro, resulting in a quicker diagnosis and treatment plan, often eliminating the need for repeated diagnostic testing, hospital and laboratory expenses.

Evidence management is one of the most critical and often times difficult tasks performed by law enforcement. JailerPro can simplify the process and track chain of custody. Evidence is securely logged and managed, once each piece has been tagged with either a barcode or tagging sensor. Sensor beacons are used in the Evidence/Property Room to track personnel and evidence movement.

Inmate Property

Using the same process as Evidence, this system can also be used to manage inmate’s personal property from booking to release.